Fruit synth machine

Colourfull prototype of fruity synth. Lots of buttons. Noise from space, oscilators, audio fx. 2024

Hanging magnet strings

Magnets, coils, piano strings. Robotics movements… and we got weird plate reverb sounds. 2024


Rotation barell with single coils and electric motors. In the final we got a metalic sounds. 2023

FQR! when are you so angry

One button to de-stress. One button to feel better. Some synthetic sound flows out the yellow box. 2023

Tape loop machine

Audio loophead tape machine. Midi synchro tape. Delay, time shift… and a lot of cables. 2023

In the glass

In the glass, in the town, in the flat.. in.. Think about it. Light tubes, electronics and some acrylic glass.

TV transmision simulator

Transmiter and reaciver. Simulation of first motion picture broadcats. Warsaw 2020-2022

Light trails

Bended light stripes with noise sound. Growing like nature things. Sounds, motion, texture. 2021


What could the first image broadcast look like? Just an artistic-engineering vision… 2019-2022

Cathode ray tube screen

Cathode ray tube screen (CRT) build for video transmission system (receiver transmitter) 2020-2022

In Infinitum / Infinitely

In memory of Polish inventor Jan Szczepanik. Light/mirror installation in Krosno, Poland. 2022

Video broadcast no.5

What could the film have looked like if technology had allowed it at the beginning of the 20th century?

Sequences. Jan Szczepanik

New media (video art, experiments) exhibition in memory of Jan Szczepanik – Polish inventor. Warsaw 2020

Abstract videoform no.3

Abstract form for video mapping. Create from scrubs and old video film, microscope images. 2020

TEN projection [cooperation]

Installation art – videomaping. Content project by Jacek Jędrzejczak. Łódź, Warsaw 2017